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Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights

Name Words Level Group
Find Person exiva 8 support
Light utevo lux 8 support
Light Healing exura 8 healing
Magic Rope exani tera 9 support
Cure Poison exana pox 10 healing
Energy Strike exori vis 12 attack
Levitate exani hur 12 support
Great Light utevo gran lux 13 support
Terra Strike exori tera 13 attack
Flame Strike exori flam 14 attack
Haste utani hur 14 support
Magic Shield utamo vita 14 support
Ice Strike exori frigo 15 attack
Death Strike exori mort 16 attack
Fire Wave exevo flam hur 18 attack
Intense Healing exura gran 20 healing
Strong Haste utani gran hur 20 support
Creature Illusion utevo res ina 23 support
Energy Beam exevo vis lux 23 attack
Summon Creature utevo res 25 support
Ignite utori flam 26 attack
Ultimate Light utevo vis lux 26 support
Great Energy Beam exevo gran vis lux 29 attack
Ultimate Healing exura vita 30 healing
Enchant Party utori mas sio 32 support
Electrify utori vis 34 attack
Invisibility utana vid 35 support
Energy Wave exevo vis hur 38 attack
Lightning exori amp vis 55 attack
Rage of the Skies exevo gran mas vis 55 attack
Strong Flame Strike exori gran flam 70 attack
Curse utori mort 75 attack
Strong Energy Strike exori gran vis 80 attack
Ultimate Flame Strike exori max flam 90 attack
Ultimate Energy Strike exori max vis 100 attack
Exevo Gran Mas Magic exevo gran mas magic 105 attack